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TIS Range Of Solar PV Testing Equipment

Solar technology is more popular than ever thanks to spiralling energy bills, a strain on the electrical infrastructure caused by more electric vehicle driving and an increase in renewable energy interest due to climate change. As a result, a solar PV system needs a strong infrastructure itself, and that is why solar PV testing equipment is playing a critical part in the growth of the solar PV sector and providing the functionality and reliability that it needs.

And to understand what you need in solar PV test equipment you need to break a solar PV system down and look at the key component parts.


What is solar PV?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology is the use of semi-conductor materials to convert light into electricity, which results in the photovoltaic effect. Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources and is currently being widely used in industry, by commercial businesses and by residential families.

PV systems are typically 1000-1500 volts installations but come in various sizes and formats, so in understanding your testing needs you first need to understand the individual components.


What does a solar PV system consist of?

The main elements of a PV system are:

  • PV module – this is a single module or a string of modules co-ordinated as a series, and these convert the light radiated by the sun into DC electricity using semi-conductors. These are optimised to allow for shade and/or a loss of actual sunlight.
  • Inverter – this converts the DC output from the module into usable AC electricity. The inverter converts this electricity into a storage system and/or a load centre.
  • AC modules – this is a combination of PV modules and the above invertor in one unit.

A solar PV system is a specialist set-up and hence requires qualified technicians and engineers to install, commission, operate and maintain it. In order to help these highly-trained personnel the solar PV testing equipment supplied by TIS has been designed with our partners HT to ensure safety and promote innovation, but also to provide practical and mobile hand-held units that are more advanced than ever before, while also being accessible and easy-to-use.


TIS range of solar PV test equipment

Our range of solar PV test equipment is designed to test in accordance with BS EN 64226 to allow MCS compliance (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) and includes:

Irradiance Meter – our TIS PV1 unit measures solar power to help you determine the best choice of solar panel. It also comes as a kit (the TIS PV2KIT) which includes the irradiance meter plus a TRMS AC/DC clamp meter and associated test leads.

Multi-function tester – The TIS PV-ISOTEST is a solar PV multi-function performance tester, which is a multi-function device which checks the electrical safety and performance of a PV system. This includes tests for insulation resistance and is a robust but mobile unit with a clear and large LCD screen.

Curve tester – The TIS I-V400W is a solar I-V curve tester which allows field detection of the I-V curve of the main characteristic parameters, whether these are single module or a string of PV installations.

Commissioning checker – The TIS PVCHECKS is a multi-function commissioning checker which does what it says on the tin, namely providing every type of test you need to fully commission a solar PV installation.

Digital multi-meter – The HT65 1500V is a digital multi-meter for DC voltage measurements up to 1500 volts, with an auto-range function and user-friendly backlit display.

TIS can also supply accessories such as the associated test leads required and reporting pads for compliance and for maintaining thorough documented records of your commissioning, testing and maintenance procedures.


Contact TIS for market-leading solar PV test equipment today

The increasing use of solar PV systems demonstrates a clear commitment to reducing climate change, and to save energy usage and energy costs. This ensures that solar PV test equipment is a vital resource within your business, and hence you need top quality, specialist advice on the best systems to use. If you contact TIS today our sales experts can help you with that process and put you firmly on the way to reducing your climate impact by using the fastest-growing renewable energy source in a safe, efficient, reliable and value-for-money way.       


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