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TIS PVCHECKs Solar Multifunction Commissioning Checker

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Multifunction device for commissioning tests of electric safety and performance of a photovoltaic system

The multifunction device PVCHECKs allows quickly and safely carrying out the commissioning tests provided for a PV system (section in DC) and the functional test of modules/strings the system consists of according to the requirements of Standard IEC/EN62446.

When testing safety, PVCHECKs is a real innovation, since it is capable of measuring insulation of a module, string or of a whole photovoltaic field (IEC/EN62446) with no need to use an external switch to short-cir-cuit the positive and negative terminals. PVCHECKs also allows checking the functionality of the connections and of the strings in a photovoltaic field, according to the provisions of standard IEC/EN62446 by measuring the open circuit voltage and the short-circuit current at operating conditions (OPC) and referred to STC (via the optional measurement of irradiation, also with the use of optional accessories SOLAR02 and HT304N), providing an immediate result as regards the measurement just carried out, both in absolute terms and by comparison with the previously tested strings.

Finally, PVCHECKs also allows analyzing the performance of the photovoltaic field (DC) under op-erating conditions (therefore connected to the inverter) with the use of optional accessories SOLAR02 and HT304N, providing an indication of the generated power and of the performance of the field itself. 



• Maintenance of photovoltaic system

• Continuity of protective conductors with test current 200mA

• Insulation measurement with test voltage 250,500 and 1000VDC

• Open-circuit voltage (VOC) measurement up to 1000V DC

• Short-circuit current (ISC) measurement up to 15A DC

• DC voltage - DC current - DC power measurement

• Measurement of irradiation [W/m2] through reference cell HT304N

• Environmental and photovoltaic module temperature measurement through PT300N probe

• Use of compensation relationships Cells/Environment on Pdc

• Measurements always compared to the values declared by the module’s manufacturer

• Internal database for managing up to 30 PV modules (30.000 modules by software)

• Test measurement of string operation

• Mechanical inclinometer for verifying the correct inclination of sun rays

• Result for every measurement OK/NO

• Internal memory and USB output for PC connection

• Help on line on the display Efficiency measurements of the photovoltaic system

• Efficiency measurement of the photovoltaic field (DC side) 

Main Features:

• LCD, 128X128pxl, with backlight

• 6x 1.5V alkaline batteries type AA LR06

• Auto power off after 5 minutes

• 256kBytes Internal memory

• Optical/ USB PC Interface

• Safety IEC/EN 61010-1

• Safety of accessories IEC/EN 61010-031

• Measurements IEC/EN 62446

• Double Insulation 

• Pollution Level 2

• Overvoltage catagory CAT III 1000V DC (to earth) Max 1000V between inputs

• Size 235x165x75mm

• Weight 1.2kg

Accessories Provided:

• KITGSC4 Set of 4 cables + 4 alligator clips 

• KITPCMC3 Set of 2 adapters with connectors MC3

• KITPCMC4 Set of 2 adapters with connectors MC4

• TOPVIEW2006 Windows software + optical/ USB C2006 cable 

• BORSA2051 Soft carrying bag

• ISO9000 Calibration certificate 

• User manual and quick guide 

Optional Accessories:

• PT300N PT1000 probe for PV modules temperature

• SOLAR02 Remote unit for Irradiation/ Temperature measurement 

• HT304N Reference cell for Irradiation measurement 

• M304 Mechanical inclinometer

• SP-0400 Shoulder strap to use the device with free hands 

• KITPVEXT25M Set of 2 banana cables 4mm, Green/Black, 25m

• 606-IECN Connectors with magnetic terminal 



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Love my TIS MFTPRO-EV Kit makes EVSE Testing so much easier with the Auto Sequence.
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