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TIS PV-ISOTEST Solar PV Multifunction Performance Tester

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Multifunction device for checking electrical safety and performance of a PV System



PV-ISOTEST represents a real innovation in the panorama of PV verification and testing instrumentation. PV-ISOTEST measures the insulation resistance of a single module, a string or even an entire photovoltaic field up to 1500V DC according to IEC-EN62446 standard.

Traditional insulation meters would require a DC rated switch box to short circuit the positive and negative terminals of the module/ string/ PV field under test. With the PV-ISOTEST the use of any external device is not required, PV-ISOTEST carries out the measurements in full autonomy and self sufficiency.

In addition, through the new GFL (Ground fault locator) function, PV-ISOTEST indicates the position of any poor insulation on a string of the PV system, due for example to water or humidity leakage.


•  Measurement catagory : CAT III 1500V DC / CAT III 1000V AC

•  AC TRMS voltage measurements 3 ÷ 1000V

•  DC voltage measurements 3 ÷ 1500V

•  Insulation resistance 250, 500, 1000, 1500V

•  GFL function to locate the fault position in the string

•  Measurement of polarization index P.I

•  Dielectric absorption ratio D.A.R

•  Continuity of protective conductors with 200mA

•  Size LxWxH (mm) 235mm x 165mm x 75mm

•  Weight 1.2kg


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Great products! Any issues, and they get it sorted straight away, with a quick turnaround. Even sent out a replacement loan unit whilst my tester was in for a service and calibration. Would recommend.
Kieron Fletcher
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