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Temperature Monitoring

Hot temperatures more often than not can spell danger.  Be it warm water in systems leading to a rapid rise in legionella, an unknown hot surface or electrical systems running above their safe levels and potentially causing a fire hazard - it is good to have the tools to keep temperature in check.

There are many different instruments in the TIS range:

TIS 1900 is a thermal imaging camera with 80 x 80 pixel resolution at 50Hz for real time capture and a temperature range of -20C to 350C (-4F to 662F), 32 x continuous zoom, thermal picture in digital picture, voice comment recording and text notation of images. 2 hot and cold spot markers are used to immediately point out any areas of concern or danger to the user.  TIS1900 includes a tripod mountable base, high intensity light, memory card, lithium & polymer battery, power supply & USB cable.  Over 6,000 images can be stored on the memory card or over 1 hour’s worth of video footage.

All of this and much more makes the TIS1900 one of the most cost effective, easy to use and feature rich thermal imaging cameras on the market.  Please see page 21 of the TIS catalogue for full technical details.


THT70/THT60 are advanced infra red thermal imaging cameras with touch screens and pixel resolutions of 384x228 (THT70) & 160x120 (THT60), making them ideal for use in industrial & construction environments.

Both cameras allow for fusion of thermal & digital images, storing & downloading of images for reporting and measure from -20C to 400C.  Please see page 70 of the TIS catalogue for full technical details.

THT46 is a compact infra red thermal camera with Picture in Picture.  Pixel content is 160x120 with a temperature range of -20C to 350C and images can be stored & downloaded for recording & reporting purposes.  Please see TIS catalogue page 71 for full details.


THT33 is an affordable infra red camera with a resolution of 80x80, temperature range of -20C to 380C and Bluetooth connectivity for storing of results & reporting.  Please see TIS catalogue page 72 for full details.

TIS 82 is an affordable non-contact infra red thermometer.  With high & low alarm thresholds, laser circular sight and the capability to measure -50C to 850C it makes it a really low cost answer for picking out extreme temperatures in any environment.  Please see TIS catalogue page 39 for full details.

TIS 720 is a high accuracy, dual input K Type digital thermometer.  Using various optional probes the unit can measure from -200C to 1372C (-328F to 1999F) along with allowing maximum & minimum values to be recorded.  The dual input feature also means a differential reading can be displayed between the 2 input channels.  Please see page 40 of the TIS catalogue for a full specification along with different probe accessories to suit varied measurement applications.

TIS BODYIR is primarily a thermometer to be used in a simple & non invasive way to check & measure a person’s body temperature, aimed at detecting fever.  The unit measures from 0C to 100C, but has specific ear & forehead modes with clear green & red fever alarm at the specific levels of concerning body temperature.  99 results can be stored at any 1 time and the unit has full FDA approval.  For further information please refer to TIS catalogue page 41.

Thermal Imaging camera

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