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Introducing The New MFT-ECO

Test Instrument Solutions are always trying to push the boundaries of what is possible with electrical testing, and our new product, the MFT-Eco does exactly that, as a high performance multi-function tester that simply gives you more of everything you need.

The new MFT-Eco has a wealth of practical features that make it a front runner in the multi-function tester market. These include time-saving features for electrical testing, quicker, easier and more reliable user features and instant results allowing you to take readings and move onto your next test quickly.

It is these features that make the MFT-Eco stand alone as a high accuracy and highly reliable multi-function tester that no electrician should be without.

MFT-Eco specifications

Amongst the standard list of specifications are included:

  • 2 and 3 Wire Loop Test (European patent pending)
  • Automatic Testing of 3 Insulation Tests from one connection
  • TRMS for Accurate Measurements
  • LPE/LN with PFC/PSC results displayed on single test
  • Built in Fuse Characteristics Table, OK and Fail Display

The instant readings displayed mean there is no need for you to refer to tables to calculate your results, allowing you critical time and much better practicality of use. The simple connection and operation on one screen also adds to that ease-of-use, and with ‘Help’ screens available at all intervals, you are never far away from expert help to guide you through the testing process. So the MFT-Eco is a suitable model for electrical testers of any level of experience, from the young, novice apprentice to the established tester who is well respected in their field.

Practical solutions of the MFT-Eco

But however experienced you are, you need your tester to work for you and be easy to operate. Test Instrument Solutions have thought of this as well. There is a new Auto Start Mode with On or Off for easy testing, but also a Dual Test Button for left or right hand use.

A neck strap and safety harness are key accessories included with the MFT-Eco too, which also include a full set of test leads, a calibration certificate, a remote operating probe and a carry case.

As if you needed any further great features, you can also enjoy peace of mind when operating the MFT-Eco. That’s because it comes with a full warranty that you can extend up to three years. So even though this instrument is a new level of quality in terms of design, build and reliability, you are covered in case anything goes wrong.

So make sure you check out the new MFT-Eco from Test Instrument Solutions, and make sure your electrical testing is moving with the times, and giving your employees access to superior, high performance testing capability.

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