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Go With The Pro

For this review, Len Lilley puts the MFT-Pro multifunction tester from Test Instrument Solutions through its paces.

TIS MFT Pro reviewWhat attracted you to the MFT-Pro in the first place?
Although I’ve been using a different brand of MFT for the past few years, I’d previously purchased a number of units from the TIS offering and have found them to be very robust, reliable and easy to use.I was, therefore, keen to see if this latest unit lived up to its billing and to try out a number of the exciting functions it offers,including phase-to-phase loop testing.

What were your first impressions of the unit?
The kit arrived in a solid, robust case which keeps the unit nicely protected inside and safe from those bumps and bangs that products can be prone to on-site. A number of useful accessories can also be found inside the case and once opened, it’s a great looking piece of kit which is a good size and benefits from a large, bright TFT colour LCD display.

Was the product easy to get to grips withand use?
I was very fortunate to have a member of the TIS team visit me to run through how to use the tool and get the most from its full range of capabilities, so getting started was very simple. Included in the case,however, is a useful ‘how to use’ guide,and this contains everything that new users will need to know. ‘Help’ screens are available to show the user how each test should be performed but, as is befitting of modern-day MFT technology, the software is so intuitive that, once you’ve got to grip with the various functions, the tool will do most of the work for you anyway. In use, I found the unit to be very comfortable and easy to handle, yet strong and robust at the same time. The touch screen is a brilliant feature and I felt it was much more responsive than alternatives that I’ve tried in the past. I also love the fact that it comes with a stand,and even received a compliment from a customer who commented about how great the kit looked. One other difference that I noticed from other units I’ve used before is the way that the MFT-Pro ‘sat’ on me when in use. This is thanks to the neck and body strap that come with the tool, allowing me to position the MFT in the perfect position(for me) whenever I was testing.

What tasks has the unit been particularly useful for?
I’ve had some great use from the tool since the start of the trial, putting it into practice when undertaking general tasks, like replacing consumer units, as well as a whole array of other jobs that require electrical tests to be performed. It has yet to be found wanting on any of the occasions that I’ve reached for it…

Are there any features/benefits of the tool that you particularly liked?
One of the things that impressed me most was the long list of additional testing facilities that the MFT-Pro can provide, some of which I’ve not seen on other testers. This list is extensive, but includes things like phase-to-phase loop testing and power quality analysis. I’m also a big fan of the long test leads that come with the unit, which are especially useful when you’re trying to access items that might be in hard-to-reach locations.
It also features a PC interface that can be used with Wi-Fi, providing you with the ability to store any data you’ve collected while you’re testing.

Would you recommend the tool to other electricians?
I’m not usually one to make sweeping statements unnecessarily, but I’m honestly hard-pushed to come up with any improvements that I’d make to this tool. On every occasion that I’ve used it, it has come up trumps, and I’ve found the touch screen technology and screen layout to be an excellent additional aid. The MFT-Pro ticks all of the boxes that you’d want from a modern multifunction tester and is a product that I’d highly recommend to other electricians.

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