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Changes To MCS Accreditation Requirements Makes Solar PV Installation Easier

Octopus Energy – one of the primary providers of the SEG tariff in the UK – has relaxed its requirement for customers applying for the tariff to have MCS-accredited solar PV installations, which is expected to help clear the current backlog of solar PV installations and make the installation process much easier.

The Smart Export Guarantee is a Government-back initiative to encourage homeowners and businesses to install solar panels. It enables the end users to be reimbursed for the electricity they are generating and exporting to the national grid. However, the requirement for only MCS-accredited installers to carry out solar PV installations was causing a backlog, due to the bureaucratic paperwork process and the fact that there were insufficient MCS-accredited installers as a result. Octopus Energy relaxing its requirements is expected to alleviate the backlog and speed the process up, while also hopefully encouraging other energy suppliers to follow suit, meaning the solar PV industry may start to get back on track.


Solar panels improve your carbon footprint

Solar panels are proving to be a sound investment for homeowners and businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and benefit from sustainable energy sources. They convert the sun’s radiation into electrical energy and create usable electricity via the national grid. But of course, the SEG was a huge incentive and it is understandable that the MCS requirements were presenting a significant barrier. However, it is important to note that quality standards surrounding solar PV installations are still essential, and the industry welcomes the current ongoing consultation taking place to reform the MCS certification process. This is expected to result in new MCS proposals being announced in 2024, but in the meantime solar PV installations are still being regulated.

Test Instrument Solutions supplies a range of solar PV testing equipment to ensure the safe and reliable installation of solar panels. These instruments ensure electrical engineers can install solar PV systems in accordance with BS 7671 and BSEN 62446, which are still requirements for being accepted on the SEG tariff by Octopus Energy. These standards ensure the correct paperwork and certification are still carried out to cover the AC and DC parts of the system.


Quality solar PV testing equipment from Test Instrument SolutionsTIS solar pv testing equipment

The products supplied by Test Instrument Solutions enable this testing to take place, and hence, we welcome the proactive stance taken by Octopus Energy, and hope other energy suppliers follow suit. This should open up the solar PV market for more qualified installers, who had previously been put off by the paperwork exercises the MCS accreditation required. At the same time, we also welcome the industry-led consultation which acknowledges that a number of changes to the MCS certification scheme were required. It is hoped that these discussions lead to a more streamlined and practical certification process in the future.

In the meantime, Test Instrument Solutions are ready to supply accurate and reliable solar PV testing equipment to the industry to help alleviate the backlog of installations, so contact our expert sales team today!

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