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THT 60 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera

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The THT 60 is a professional thermal imaging camera which has a very high resolution and also a touch screen.

THT70 and THT60 are professional thermal cameras provided with an IR sensor with high resolution 384x288pxl (THT70) and 160x120 (THT60) which make them suitable both for use in industrial environments and in the construction sector, thus allowing them to be used for energetic certification tests. Their peculiarity is their internal icon structure with a capacitive colour touch-screen display with high brightness. It is possible to save thermal and visual images in standard JPG format in the internal memory or on the appropriate Micro-SD card and transfer data onto the PC through the USB interface. It can be used to record IR videos. THT70 and THT60 have a wide temperature range (max. 400°C) thanks to which it is possible to carry out advanced analyses including spots, lines, areas and isotherm lines on every image. Thermal cameras are the ideal solution for detecting electric problems, checking mechanical parts, analyzing hydraulic systems, forced ventilation, etc. Thermal cameras are completed and made particularly performing by the possibility of using optional interchangeable optics, the Flash LED and the laser pointer. In order to make thermographic analyses more immediate, these thermal cameras have been provided with the technology Picture in Picture (possibility of overlapping thermographic and visual images), with the SPAN function (creation of a temperature range of interest) and with the automatic setting of emissivity with a preset table of materials. Finally, with the provided software THTLink it is possible to analyze IR photos, change colour palettes, prepare advanced reports and much.

•  IR sensor resolution 160 x 120pxl

•  Temperature range -20 Deg C - 400 Deg C

•  Frequency 50Hz

•  Focal length od stabndard lens 7.5mm

•  Manual focusing 

 • Intergrated photo camera resolution 640 x 480pxl

•  3 Cursors Central, Min And Max

•  Advanced analysis Line, Areas And Spots

•  Alarm thresholds

•  Class 2 laser pointer

•  Intergrated white light illuminator 

•  Standard format of saved images JPEG

•  Saving of IR videos in MPEG4 format

•  Voice and text annotation 

•  Capacitance touch screen colour display

•  Power supply and rechargeable battery

•  USB interface to PC

•  Pal / NTSC video output


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The TIS 859 I absolutely love it, the removable leads feature is a winner and the vibration feature on voltage is a game changer also.
Mark Allison
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