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SOLAR I-Ve 1500V Multifunction I-V Curve Tracer

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Multifunction I-V Curve Tracer

1500V Multifunction I-V Curve Tracer for maintenance and efficiency tests on single-phase installations.

  • Measurement of efficiency of a single-phase photovoltaic system

  • Measurement of I-V Curve of a module or of a string up to 1500V/10A - 1000V/15A

  • Measurement of open-circuit voltage of a module or of a string (VOC) 1500V

  • Measurement of short-circuit current of a module or of a string (ISC) 15A

SOLAR-515w allows both testing a single-phase (three-phase with optional MPP300) photovoltaic system and verifying I-V curve. Thanks to remote unit SOLAR02, it is possible to test the system complying with the requirement of simultaneity as provided for by the reference standard. SOLAR02 is a datalogger which, synchronized with SOLAR-515w, acquires the data relevant to irradiation and temperature while tests carried out by SOLAR-515w are carried out.
For measuring I-V curveSOLAR-515w manages an internal database of the modules, which can be updated at any time by the user by comparing the measured data with the rated values, thus allowing the immediate evaluation whether the string or the module fulfills the efficiency parameters declared by the manufacturer. Current and voltage measurement at modules/strings output is measured with the 4-terminal method, which allows extending possible measuring cables without considering any compensation of their resistance, thus obtaining always precise measurements. At the end of the test, the display of I-V curve on the screen is a clear indication about the compliance with the specifications declared by the panel manufacturer.

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