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What is environmental testing equipment and what can it measure?

The need to monitor and assess different climactic conditions has become a necessity inwhat is environmental testing equipment and what can it measure? the last few years. In truth, this has always happened, but of course there is far more attention paid to this area as the issues relating to climate change have become more acute. However, environmental testing equipment is not just restricted to identifying problems with the natural environment, such as testing river water and soil quality, it can also be used to test climactic conditions in the workplace. Commercial businesses have a duty to protect their employees and provide safe, comfortable and legally compliant working conditions, as well as monitoring their own environmental performance, and in many cases this is what environmental testing equipment is used for:

  • Identifying hazardous working conditions
  • Monitoring emissions from the workplace
  • Monitoring normal operating conditions for machine and equipment maintenance


What environmental test equipment is commonly used

So when we talk about environmental testing equipment, we are talking about both the natural environment and the working environment. Typical examples of environmental testing equipment include:

  • Anemometer – An anemometer, such as the TIS 1309 supplied by Test Instrument Solutions, is a digital instrument which measures air velocity in various different ways, such as metre per second, feet per minute, kilometer per hour, mile per hour and nautical mile per hour. It uses integral cups or blades which react to air flow and trigger sensors to measure the air force present. These can be used for identifying issues with vents and pipework, for example in heating systems.
  • Light Meters – A light meter, such as the TIS 1310 supplied by Test Instrument Solutions, measures light falling on an object or being radiated onto an object. These are commonly also called a LUX/LED light meter, and they are often used for measuring emergency lighting conditions, to ensure that what is in place remains adequate in emergency situations along with also making sure standard light levels are sufficient for different production & office environments to work in.
  • Sound level meter – Sound level meters are used to measure noise levels in a working environment, usually to ensure people are working in safe conditions that won’t impair their hearing over a period of time, along with being able to test that audible warning systems can be heard within different parts of premises. The digital sound meter TIS 770 supplied by Test Instrument Solutions can measure a very sensitive range of decibels, so that an employer can monitor the compliance levels of a noisy workplace, perhaps where there is a lot of working machinery.
  • Thermometers – It is important to monitor heat levels in the workplace, particularly during the summer months, but also in industrial environments where machinery and processes generate heat. In order to monitor safe working conditions, employers can use a digital thermometer to measure air temperatures. There are also non-contact infrared thermometers used for monitoring electrical problems that generate excessive heat, perhaps with motors or electrical panels, while medical thermometers also use infrared technology to measure ear and forehead temperatures, and provide a fast and non-invasive method of monitoring employee health conditions.


Contact Test Instrument Solutions for more information on environmental testing equipment

At Test Instrument Solutions we have a wide range of environmental testing equipment and we can advise you on the capabilities and suitability of individual items, and how they will work with the workplace conditions and parameters you are faced with, so contact our team today.


Video Demonstration

In our video below we show a product demonstration of one of our environmental testing products (TIS 1310 Digital Lux / LED Light Meter):

Please note that this section is for information purposes only. Anyone using equipment referred to in this section must be suitably qualified and/or experienced within the respective field. If in doubt before use, please consult a qualified electrician or engineer & thoroughly read all instruction booklets.

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