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TIS CO2 Carbon Dioxide Monitor

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Co2 Monitor

Co2 is naturally occurring gas emitted at high levels by human activity, along with being one of several greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. CO2 only accounts for 0.03% of fresh air and if you breathe In high concentrations of it, you could suffer from carbon dioxide Intoxication.

Symptoms Include headache, Irregular heartbeat, nausea, unconsciousness or worse. The TIS CO2 is a CO2 monitor that measures CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity.

This monitor can be used in homes, shopping centres, schools offices and vehicles.


CO2 Range : 400 - 5000ppm 

Temperature : -10.0°C - 50.0°C

Humidity : 0 -99%RH 

Hold = Data Hold 

Max = Maxiumum Value 

Min = Minimum Value 

Avg = Average Value 

Twa = Time Weighted Average 

Stel = Short Term Exposure Limit 

Sensor - NDIR 

Audio & Visual Alarm 

Low Battery Warning 

LCD Screen 


Protective Case Supplied 

User Manual 

USB Cable for recharging 

Rechargeable Battery Supplied 




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TIS CO2 Instruction Manual 6172005.pdfDOWNLOAD
Excellent customer service! I contacted them because one of my testers had developed a fault, and was out of warranty. Once the fault was explained and looked into TIS agreed to replace the tester free of charge, via my local electrical wholesaler. All done and dusted in less than a week - fantastic!
James Sealey
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