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TIS 1040 Lamp and Control Gear Tester

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Lamp and Control Gear Tester, ideal for the FM sector.

The TIS 1040 ignites all gas filled lamps including low / high pressure vapour lamps, flourescent, low/high pressure sodium, neon, mercury and metal halide. Other tests carried out include voltage and a unique continuity test using single pole technology. The TIS 1040 also tests ballasts, capacitors, starters, resistors, diodes and photo-cells. A very handy unit for testing new lamps to ensure they are ok before climbing  ladders, scaffolding, platforms or cherry pickers!

Basic Functions
•  Lamp Test Voltage with New Battery approx. 3kV/160kHz
•  Field Strength 150-170kHz approx. 100μv/m
•  Voltage test
•  Test Range 60-250V CA
•  Frequency 40-60Hz
•  Test Current <200mA
•  Continuity test
•  Dielectric Strength 250V CA/CC
•  Test Range approx. 0-5MΩTest Current <7μA

Special Functions
Test Gas Filled Lamps, including:Flourescent Low/High PressureSodium Neon Tubes Mercury Lamps Metal Halide Metal Halogen Tests photo-Cells,Ballasts & Starters Voltage Tester Single Pole Single Pole Continuity Test Audible / Visual LEDs Torch Light

Power 9v MN1604 Alkaline Only
Weight 170g
Size 255mm x 60mm x 40mm
Standard Accessories Carrying Case, Battery,Instruction Manual

2 Year warranty

EAN Barcode: 5060508210177 


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Great products! Any issues, and they get it sorted straight away, with a quick turnaround. Even sent out a replacement loan unit whilst my tester was in for a service and calibration. Would recommend.
Kieron Fletcher
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