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TIS E227 Elite Professional TRMS Multimeter

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Elite TRMS Professional Digital Multimeter

TIS E227 is a professional Elite, auto-ranging TRMS Multimeter, has a large, easy to read display & AC True RMS conversion. Features include peak hold and max / min readings. Beepjack™ input warns against improper lead connection to terminals. The TIS E227 has best basic DCV accuracy up to 0.09%.

• 3-5/6 digits & 4-1/2, 20,000 counts max large easy to read LCD display
• Nominal 5/sec fast measurements
• Fully auto-ranging
• 61 segment analog bar graph updates 60/sec
• Paper white backlit LCD display
• Dual digital display with AC+Hz readings
• AC True RMS readings
• Intelligent auto power off
• Data hold
• Relative zero mode
• Crest (peak) hold with max/min readings
• High update record max/min readings with update intervals DC 100ms & AC 120ms
• Beepjack™ input warning against improper lead connection to terminals
• VFD V & VFD-Hz measures fundamental V & Hz of most variable frequency drives
• AC/DC voltage ranges from 200.00mV to 1000.0V
• Best DCV accuracy up to 0.09%
• ACV bandwidth up to 5Hz
• Resistance range 200.00Ω to 20.000MΩ
• nS range 60.00nS
• Beeplit™ continuity featuring audible beep and visible backlight effects
• Diode tester
• Frequncy range 9.999Hz to 100.0kHz
• AC/DCµ, mA & A range 200.00µA to 10.000A
• Capacitance range 20.00nF to 20.00mF
• Optional magnetic hanger

Rugged fire retardant casing with battery and fuse access
HBC 1kV fuse protection on µAmA/A terminals
Transient protection up to 8kV 1.2/50µs lightning surge
LVD meets EN61010-1/-2-030/-2-033 CAT III 1000V & CAT IV600V
EMC EN61326-1:2013

EAN Barcode: 5060508210658

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The TIS 859 I absolutely love it, the removable leads feature is a winner and the vibration feature on voltage is a game changer also.
Mark Allison
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