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 Multifunction Testers
 TIS 1850 Multifunction Tester
 Thermal Imaging Camera
 TIS 1900 Thermal Imaging Camera
 TIS Unique Products
 TIS 1040 Lamp Tester
 TIS 999 SpeediTest Ring Main Tester
 TIS 830 AC/DC Voltage & Continuity Tester
 TIS 840 AC/DC Voltage & Continuity Tester with LCD
 TIS 760 Multifunctional Multimeter
 TIS 870 Digital Circuit Breaker Finder & Socket
 TIS 880 Network Cable Tester
 TIS 1900 Thermal Imaging Camera
 TIS 454 Line Splitter
 TIS 958 Ultimate Voltage Detector
 Rhino Smart Meter
 TIS Checkbox
 Digital Multimeters
 TIS 200 Autoranging Multimeter
 TIS 255 Pocket Size Multimeter
 TIS280 Autoranging Multimeter
 TIS 760 Multifunctional Multimeter
 TIS 360 Safety Protect Multimeter
 TIS 5208 Insulation Tester Multimeter
 TIS 201 Pocket Size Autoranging Multimeter
 TIS 258 Digital Multimeter
 Rhino Smart Meter
 Clamp Meters
 TIS 420 660A AC/DC Clamp Meter
 TIS 438 1000A AC/DC Clamp Meter
 TIS 520 600A AC Clamp Meter
 TIS 550 Earth Leakage Clamp Meter
 TIS 518 600A AC Autoranging Clampmeter
 TIS 418 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter
 TIS 560 Earth Leakage Clamp Meter
 TIS 2208 Harmonic Power Clamp Meter
 TIS 2205 Harmonic Power Clamp Meter
 TIS 855 Open Jaw 200A Clamp Meter
 TIS 516 Smart 600A Clamp Meter
 PAT Testers And Accessories
 PAT Testers
 Safety PAT Economy Portable Appliance Tester
 Safety PAT Plus Portable Appliance Tester
 TIS 600 Safety PAT Plus
 TIS 700 SafetyPat Elite
 PAT Tester Kits
 Simply Pats Software
 PAT Kit 2
 PAT Kit 1
 TIS 1710 Portable Appliance Test Record Book
 Adapter Leads
 TIS 110 110V Adapter Lead
 TIS IEC Adapter Lead for PAT Testing
 TIS 164 415V 16A 4 Pin Adapter
 TIS 165 415V 16A 5 Pin Adapter
 TIS 324 415V 32A 4 Pin Adapter
 TIS 325 415V 32A 5 Pin Adapter
 Electrical Testers
 TIS Checkbox
 TIS 999 SpeediTest Ring Main Tester
 TIS 998 Test Lead Set for TIS 999
 Insulation and Continuity Testers
 TIS 1830 Insulation & Continuity Tester
 TIS 5208 Insulation Tester Multimeter
 TIS 1835 Insulation & Continuity Tester
 Voltage and Continuity
 TIS 830 AC/DC Voltage & Continuity Tester
 TIS 840 AC/DC Voltage & Continuity Tester with LCD
 TIS 850 IP64 GS38 Voltage & Continuity Tester
 TIS 835 Spare Probes for TIS830 & TIS840
 TIS 831 Voltage & Continuity Tester
 TIS 841 Voltage & Continuity Tester
 TIS 831 Proving Kit
 TIS 841 Proving Kit
 TIS 851 Voltage & Continuity Tester
 TIS 839 1000V Voltage & Continuity Tester
 TIS 849 1000V LCD Voltage & Continuity Tester
 TIS 859 1000V, RCD & Resistance
 TIS 819 Voltage Tester
 TIS 839 Proving Kit
 TIS 849 Proving Kit
 TIS 859 Proving Kit
 TIS 845 1000V AC, 1200V DC Voltage Tester
 Proving Unit
 TIS PU1 Proving Unit
 Lamp Tester
 TIS 1040 Lamp Tester
 Fuse and Socket Testers
 TIS 1000 Socket Tester
 TIS 870 Digital Circuit Breaker Finder & Socket
 TIS 1005 Socket & RCD Tester
 TIS 454 Line Splitter
 Phase Rotation
 TIS 415 Motor Phase Rotation Tester
 TIS 958 Ultimate Voltage Detector
 Voltage - mA Calibrator
 TIS 7221 Voltage / mA Calibrator
 Voltage Detectors
 TIS 930 AC Voltage Detector
 TIS 950 Non Contact Voltage Detector
 TIS 931 Voltage Detector
 TIS 956 Voltage Detector
 TIS 934 Non-Contact Voltage Detector
 TIS 945 Non-Contact 12v to 1000V Detector
 TIS 819 Voltage Tester
 TIS 958 Ultimate Voltage Detector
 TIS 925
 Environmental Test Meters
 Sound Level Meters
 TIS 6708 Sound Level Meter
 TIS 770 Digital Sound Level Meter
 Solar Test Equipment
 TIS PV1 Solar Power Meter
 TIS PV2 Kit Complete Solar Panel Kit
 Light (Lux) Meters
 TIS 1308 200,000 LUX Light Meter
 TIS 1307 LUX Light Meter
 TIS 1310 LED Lux Meter
 Temperature Meters
 TIS 80 Infrared Thermometer
 TIS 610B Single Input K Type Thermometer
 TIS 720 Digital Thermometer
 TIS 740BT Digital Thermometer
 TIS 1900 Thermal Imaging Camera
 TIS 710 Single Input Digital Thermometer
 TIS 82 Infrared & K-Type Thermometer
 TIS 705 Digital Thermometer Probe
 Air Flow Meters
 TIS 1309 Digital Anemometer
 Cable and Network Testers
 TIS 880 Network Cable Tester
 TIS 888 Tone Generator
 Laser Distance Meters
 TIS LD80 Laser Distance Meter
 Lockout Kits
 TIS BKit Lockout Kit
 TIS Ekit Lockout Kit
 Stud, Metal and Voltage
 TIS 860 3 In 1 Stud, Metal & voltage Finder
 Moisture Meters
 TIS 1304 Moisture Meter
 Certificate Books
 TIS 1705 Part P Certificate Book
 TIS 1710 Portable Appliance Test Record Book
 TIS 1711 Solar G83 Installation Commissioning Form
 TIS 1712 Solar Commissioning Inspection & Test Sheet
 TIS 1901 Electrical Installation Certificate
 TIS 1906 Minor Works Report
 TIS 1903 Electrical Condition Report
 TIS 1814 Emergency Lighting Log Book
 TIS 1815 Emergency Lighting Certificate Book
 TIS 1816 Fire Alarm Log Book
 TIS 1817 Fire Alarm Certificate Book
 TIS 1902 Electrical Installation Certificate
 TIS 1904 Electrical Condition Report
 TIS 1905 Continuation Sheets
 TIS 1031 Microwave Leakage Labels
 TIS 1613 Fail Labels
 TIS 1630 Snap Tags with Cable Ties
 TIS 1612/500 Pass Labels
 TIS 1615 Solar Test Labels
 Test Leads and Probes
 TIS 2FLK Fused Test Lead Kit
 TIS 3TLK Unfused Test Lead Kit
 TIS 4TL Basic Test Lead Set
 TIS 998 Test Lead Set for TIS 999
 TIS AP2 Deluxe K Type Air Probe
 TIS LP1 Liquid Probe
 TIS LP2 Deluxe K Type Probe
 TIS MC4TL MC4 Solar Test Leads
 TIS OP1 K Type Oven Probe
 TIS PC1 K Type Pipe Clamp Temperatue Probe
 TIS WP1 K Type Wire Probe
 TIS 172 Mains Lead
 TIS 173DB Distribution Board Lead
 TIS NP2 Deluxe K Type Needle Probe
 TIS SP2 Deluxe K Type Surface Probe
 TIS 50 Earth Lead
 Socket Adapter
 TIS 1100 Socket Adapter
 TIS 454 Line Splitter
 Travel Pouches and Cases
 TIS 15 Small Pouch
 1040 Lamp Tester Pouch
 TIS 25 Large Multimeter Pouch
 HT Partnership Products
 TRMS Data Loggers
 TIS XL421 Single-Phase Data Logger
 TIS XL422 Three-Phase Data Logger
 TIS XL423 Single-Phase Data Logger
 TIS XL424 Three-Phase Data Logger
 Earth Resistance and Earth Leakage
 TIS T2100 Earth Resistance Clamp
 TIS T2000 Earth Resistance Clamp
 Power Quality Analysers
 TIS PQA824 3 Phase Power Quality Analyser
 TIS PQA823 3 Phase Power Quality Analyser
 TIS VEGA78 Power Quality Analyser
 TIS PQA820 Power Quality Analyser
 TIS PQA819 Power Quality Analyser
 PV Solar Equipment
 TIS I-V500w
 TIS I-V400w
 TIS PVChecks
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TIS 1900 Thermal Imaging Camera
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