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Why The MFT-Pro Is Good Value For Money


It is well known that the multifunction tester is the most integral instrument to an electrician’s toolbox, referred to generally as the ‘electrician’s best friend’. In that sense, the MFT-Pro certainly won’t disappoint. It is true that multifunction testers can be expensive, simply because of the range of tasks they can carry out, but in the MFT-PRO your investment is great value-for-money.

First and foremost, you get what you pay for when you invest in the MFT-PRO, but that doesn’t always guarantee quality and reliability when you spend money on a multifunction tester. However, with the MFT-PRO you get fantastic tolerance and accuracy levels and an instrument that is built to last, with all the essential features and new innovative ones that really set this instrument apart from the alternatives.

Of course, when you are testing electrical systems, your prime concerns are safety and performance, these are critical to any system and are the principles on which your testing is based. The MFT-PRO has been designed and built with these in mind, offering you the assurance that your testing programme can be undertaken within the right parameters.

The main features of the MFT-Pro

All the main features you would expect from a multifunction tester are here on the MFT-PRO to offer you years of accurate and reliable testing and to ensure you save money on buying expensive replacements. With a 4-inch resistive touch screen the unit is durable and hard-wearing and can be used in many different work environments.

The MFT-Pro ‘home’ screen has an easy-to-use display with 15 + tests already in-built. The display screen will show the lead configuration for safely carrying out each test, with fail-safe measures to ensure you can’t damage the unit by inputting the wrong leads. There are also schematic diagrams on help screens to assist where required.

All the standard tests are available; continuity testing, insulation testing, pro-lock no trip tests, phase-to-phase loop tests and RCD testing, with all the tests repeatable and highly accurate. Once your tests have been completed all the results can be stored on the unit, but also transferred to any Android, iOS or Windows mobile device, where the results can be manipulated on an excel spreadsheet. The MFT-Pro also has TRMS for accurate measurements on noisy and harmonically distorted circuits.

Great Features

So far, you might expect all of these features to appear on any multifunction tester, but what makes the MFT-PRO a good investment is that it is able to measure Voltage Drop and Power Quality which includes Harmonics and Power Factor.

The MFT-PRO is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial installations, and it really is an all-round essential instrument for your toolbox, and a value-for-money investment you won’t regret.  


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