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Why The EV Adapter Is A Great Investment

Electric vehicles are the future and the national infrastructure is improving all the time, with more charging stations available in everyday public areas, in addition to domestic charging points and those based on commercial premises. Technology is also advancing to make these charging points faster, more practical and more convenient. So increasingly we are seeing electric vehicle charging points appearing on the regular schedules of electrical testing programmes.

So the EV-TEST100 has been developed by TIS to test the safety, performance and reliability of these charging points in order to ensure the important development of the electric vehicle market can continue. Furthermore, the EV-TEST100 has been designed to perform alongside our award-winning multi-function tester the TIS MFT-PRO, which means you can have confidence that your results will be accurate and reliable.EVTEST100

Setting your EV-TEST100 up with your MFT-Pro

The EV-TEST100 comes with a two-way optical data link cable, and this can be attached to the MFT-Pro to link the two and enable communication. The cable link-up enables the full auto sequence of testing and is done through the EV-TEST100 icon which now appears on the third page of the MFT-Pro front display screen. Existing models of the TIS MFT-PRO can be retro-fitted to include this icon if you bring your model in and we can update the software free of charge.

You can set the testing sequence up as single phase or three phase, choose ventilated or non-ventilated charging pods and choose a current rating from 13A to 63A. For each test the screen shows you exactly where to put the test leads and tells you if the settings on the three dials on the front of the EV-TEST100 are correct.

The testing sequence then goes through a quick continuity test, an insulation test, checks the right charge is being sent to the vehicle before you engage it and then you can also carry out a loop & impedance test and an RCD test. Finally, you can also simulate an earth fault and an electrical fault using one of the three dials on the front of the EV-TEST100 to ensure that no charge is being delivered in those scenarios.

Improving EV technology

Using the MFT-Pro screen the results are displayed very clearly and also can be saved to the unit with the simple press of a button. The EV adaptor comes with a handy hard carry case and the optical lead, and is a lightweight portable instrument that is easy to set-up with the MFT-Pro to carry out your testing programme.

With technology developing better and more affordable electric vehicles all the time, it is inevitable that the electric vehicle market will continue to grow and to contribute to achieving carbon neutral targets all over the world. You can now play your part in delivering these important milestones in Green technology by investing in the TIS MFTPRO-EV; an affordable and easy-to-use combination of instruments, and an addition to the TIS product range which increases your value as a provider of comprehensive electrical testing solutions. 

Purchasing these units as a combination kit – the TIS MFTPRO-EV – speeds up and simplifies the EV testing process, giving you a complete testing sequence with just one touch of the button. Also, note that the EV-100 adaptor can be used with other multi-function testers that have EV testing capabilities. So combine an award-winning multi-function tester – complete with a new EV mode – with our new EV testing adaptor and bring convenience, accuracy and reliability to your EV testing regime.

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