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The TIS Elite Range

TIS Elite Products

As the name suggests, the TIS Elite Range is a selection of premium products that really take your electrical testing and monitoring to another level. The Elite Range comprises of high accuracy digital multimeters and clampmeters which offer both high performance and high precision, but most importantly, offer you the opportunity to record results of unprecedented accuracy and reliability.

What is TRMS?

TRMS stands for True Root Mean Square, and this is the feature of our Elite Range products which really makes them stand out from the crowd. TRMS in an instrument means you can accurately measure standard pure AC waveforms. It is now the preferred feature of test instruments because it allows you to measure both distorted and non-distorted waves. This is particularly important as distorted waves are increasingly seen in the adjustable controls of HVAC equipment and variable speed motor drives, as well as in computers and solid state environments.

So TRMS can be found in all the instruments in our Elite Range, which includes three clampmeters and two multimeters, and covers all the testing needs you are likely to encounter.


All three of our clampmeters have similar specifications, but the TIS E237 will measure up to 600amp AC, the TIS E247 will measure up to 600amp AC/DC and the TIS E257 will measure up to 1000amp AC/DC. All these come with a five year warranty and complete with a full calibration certificate.

With an easy to read LCD display you can record measurements in min, max and average mode and with a great DC and ACA range. The clampmeters are all supplied with the cables and adaptors you will need, a soft carrying pouch and have a rugged fire retardant casing, providing the security of having a durable instrument for those tough environments.


In our Elite Range of multimeters we have the TIS E217 and the TIS E227, these are both fully auto-ranging and can provide highly accurate readings on a backlit digital display. The capacitance and frequency ranges are also exactly what you would expect from an Elite Range.

Our multimeters also come with a five year warranty and are fully calibrated with a certificate. We also supply these instruments with the required cabling and adaptors.

Check out our Elite Range

So take advantage of the superior quality and high accuracy of our TRMS-conversant Elite Range of clampmeters and multimeters, and you will be taking on your electrical testing with the premium level of test instruments. Our product information includes full specifications and allows you to compare and contrast the features of each instrument, to ensure you are selecting the right instrument for you and are fully informed on the great features it will give you.

Have a browse of our Elite Range today and you will soon be recording the most accurate output readings you will find anywhere.


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