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The TIS Checkbox

Sometimes a product comes along that seems too good to be true. It solves the problem you had, but offers so much more at the same time. And the TIS Checkbox from Test Instrument Solutions is exactly that kind of instrument.TIS Checkbox

Calibration schedules are a critical feature of all testing regimes, and are vital in ensuring accurate and reliable results whilst also complying with internal and external standards and requirements. However, a calibration frequency for a particular instrument may be every six months, so what do you do in between to ensure your results are accurate? The TIS Checkbox is your friend in this situation and it acts to provide a quick and simple calibration to keep you working accurately and to the high standards you expect.

The TIS Checkbox performs calibration checks on all types of multifunction testers as well as Loop, Insulation and RCD Testers. Using the TIS Checkbox for regular and routine calibrations will allow checks of continuity, insulation resistance and will check loop readings at the socket. So you are ensuring your ongoing accuracy without the formal procedures of an annual calibration, and of course the use of the TIS Checkbox does not replace the need to carry out your annual calibration, nor do the results replace the conformance with external standards that a calibration certificate provides.

In terms of specifications, your TIS Checkbox:

Checks continuity between 0 - 10Ω
Checks Insulation Resistance 1 - 200Ω
RCD test checks ar 30mA and 150mA
Checks loop at socket +0.50Ω, +2.00Ω and 50Ω

In addition, the TIS Checkbox is easy-to-use, compact and practical as a handheld instrument, and comes with a padded storage case to keep it clean and protected. So the TIS Checkbox is another innovative solution provided by Test Instrument Solutions, who keep bringing high standards of reliability and accuracy to the table, but in a practical and value-for-money way. So, speak to our sales experts about the benefits of the TIS Checkbox and we can soon bring to you a great calibration solution, that is good for your pocket too.


Video Introduction to the TIS Checkbox:

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