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Temperature Monitoring In The Summer

temperature monitor

The summer months are welcomed by everyone for the sunny weather, longer days and warmer temperatures, but in the workplace, an employer must be vigilant during the summer, and extreme temperatures can definitely cause some problems for both people and equipment.

Commercial premises can vary considerably in their nature. You may work in an office that hasn’t invested in air conditioning, you may work in a shop or restaurant where temperature monitoring is very important for public safety or you may work in a warehouse where climate control is critical for the storage of certain goods. Of course an industrial setting is also an environment where temperature monitoring is very common; some processes will generate heat by their very nature, whilst others will involve labour-intensive work which requires adequate ventilation. Another major requirement for temperature monitoring is on equipment and installations that may overheat during processing.

So an employer needs to be very wary of their legal responsibilities in terms of workplace monitoring and safe and comfortable temperature levels in the workplace, as well as electrical testing of equipment. This is why we have developed a range of temperature meters to make this task simple, effective and reliable. All our instruments can provide accurate readings that are easy to understand and allow you to record data and monitor changes accordingly, therefore offering you the opportunity to react with corrective actions where required.

The TIS Temperature Monitoring Range

There are four different instruments in the TIS temperature monitoring range:

-          The TIS1900 Thermal Imaging camera is a high performance handheld device that captures 80 x 80 resolution infrared images at 50Hz for real-time capture. It can measure a temperature range from -20°C to 350°C (-4°F to 662°F). The TIS 1900 has 32 x continuous zoom, picture-in-picture, voice comment recording and text annotation on images. It can be used for ambient temperature monitoring and for electrical monitoring of heat spots on motors, circuits and in panels. The TIS1900 can also be used for looking at potential arcing in distribution boards with MCBs etc over heating is its main function. You can also use the TIS1900 for fault finding on underfloor heating to spot a break in the cable, this allows you to pinpoint an individual tile to fix, as opposed to taking every tile up.

-          The TIS82 Infrared and K-Type thermometer is a compact, pocket-sized instrument which is ideal for measuring the temperature of solar panels and distribution boards and hot spots on motors, bearings and shafts. 

-          The TIS720 is a dual input handheld K-Type digital thermometer, and is a small, pocket-sized instrument capable of measuring in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The TIS720 comes with optional probes such as the TISLP2 Deluxe K-Type Probe, which is ideal for testing water temperature, and the TISNP2 Deluxe K-Type Needle Probe, which is better suited to testing food temperature.

-          The TIS80 is another hand-held ‘gun’ type infrared instrument similar to the TIS82.

Why we need to monitor temperatures in the workplace

The principal reason for temperature monitoring is to ensure employees are working in safe temperatures, and that equipment is not in danger of overheating and breaking down or causing accident and injury. Building up data with regular monitoring is the only way you can spot trends appearing and using an instrument from the TIS temperature monitoring range, you can build up evidence for corrective actions or as justification for capital investment in further equipment to control the temperatures.

Temperature monitoring is classed as preventive maintenance, and this is the best way to prevent breakdowns and potentially unlawful actions, in terms of temperatures in the workplace. So, the TIS temperature monitoring range can offer you a great solution to your short term problem and one which will have long term benefits.

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