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Supreme Accuracy With The Laser Distance Meter

Not every product supplied by Test Instrument Solutions is directly related to electrical testing. We have a wealth of products useful for other areas of the construction industry too, and a great example of that is our TIS LD40 laser distance meter.Laser Distance Meter

In the building trade, there are many disciplines where you are required to measure distances. This could be in construction itself, but also electrical and plumbing installations, air conditioning and ventilation, flooring or even just office layout design. In such circumstances a building site is not always the best place to be taking accurate readings. You are often faced with obstacles as various trades and contractors fight for space.


The advantages of a laser distance meter

So when faced with people, equipment, materials or even half-constructed rooms, it is not always practical to get your tape measure out and ask someone to move a load of gear out of the way and hold the other end of it. Not surprisingly, technology has evolved to allow us to avoid the cumbersome use of a traditional tape measure, and taking accurate measurements no longer needs to be a two-man job.

The TIS LD40 allows you to make single length, area and volume measurements of between 0.05 metres to 40.0 meters, and with a resolution of 0.001 metres and an accuracy +/- 1.5mm. Measurements are quick and accurate, coming with a measuring speed of 0.5 seconds. All you need is two x AA batteries, which can last for up to 10,000 measurements. You work with highly accurate SX10V2 software and the backlit display and lightweight dimensions make the laser distance meter a really convenient and hassle-free piece of equipment, which pretty soon, you won’t know how you ever managed without.

Accessories include a carry case, batteries and an instruction manual and the two-year guarantee is another bonus you can’t live without.


Why you need a laser distance meter

In your daily working life you need instruments you can rely on. So in terms of accuracy and robust design, the TIS LD40 laser distance meter really is a great investment. You won’t need to fiddle around with a manual tape measure, you won’t leave marks on the wall, you won’t need to ask people to co-operate, you can just get on with your job and be on your way.

Furthermore, the TIS LD40 gives you accurate measurements and additional data you can manipulate to suit your needs. You can’t afford to get critical information wrong, so the laser distance meter is a means of taking human error out of the equation, quite apart from the practical advantages it provides.

So speak to us about the TIS LD40 and we can sell the many benefits it will bring to your working life. Sometimes a piece of equipment turns out to be the best investment you ever made, and the laser distance meter from Test Instrument Solutions definitely fits into that category. Contact us today and we can solve your distance measuring needs.

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