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Introducing The TIS USB1

Every generation sees technological advances that very quickly become essential and a ubiquitous feature of life. For every plug socket we see now, we also see a USB port, and almost every IT feature of our everyday lives is controlled by one.USB Testing

Gone are the Ethernet cables, the USB socket is now our lifeline to work, shopping and entertainment, and we see them everywhere; in the home, at our workplace, in retail stores, in hotels and even on public transport. The USB port is everywhere and is essential to the ongoing functioning of various parts of our lives, so we need them to be functioning and reliable.

What is a USB tester?

For this reason, TIS have come up with the TIS USB1, a handy, accurate and reliable USB port tester and the latest indispensable tool for the electrical tester and his/her toolbox.

The TIS USB1 tester is a practical and convenient tool for testing the adequate functioning of USB ports, with a lightweight and easy-to-use design which offers fast and reliable results with no complex readings that need converting or interpreting. The readings are simple and effective and make testing fast and accurate.

Our new TIS USB1 simply connects to the USB port and gives an immediate reading, enabling you to test a bank of USB ports in series, and complete your testing program with no delay. The tool also covers USB port types 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. The full specification of the TIS USB1 is:

  • Input & Output ports: Type A
  • Tests load at 0.5A, 1A, 2A & 3A
  • Resolution: 1mAh
  • Energy: 0-1000WH
  • Voltage Range: 4-24V DC
  • Current Range: 0.05-3.00A DC
  • Operational resistance measurements
  • Capacity: 0-99999mAH
  • CE Approved
  • QC USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
  • Fast charge protocol

Accurate and reliable test equipment from TIS

Most electrical testers look to speed, convenience and accuracy as the three main assets in new equipment and the TIS USB1 doesn’t let you down in any of those departments. Built and designed with the benefit of years of industry knowledge, this USB tester allows you to maintain high standards of testing, whilst also recognising the need for speed and practicality.

The TIS range of electrical testing equipment is renowned for really appreciating the pressures that electrical testers come under, in terms of getting results quickly and in demanding and sometimes impractical environments. Importantly, there are cheaper alternatives available in terms of USB port testing, however the TIS USB1 carries out a load test which is vitally important to the electrical tester, and which makes sure that voltage and charge will be maintained when a device is actually plugged in.

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