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Introducing The TIS 700 PAT Tester

pat tester

Choosing a PAT Tester can be a confusing experience if you don’t know what you are looking for. There are lots of models on the market and maybe you don’t even know where to begin? First of all, to carry out PAT Testing you need to be deemed a ‘competent person’. There is no clear definition of how to do this, but the recommended route is to undertake some training, and this naturally gives you a good understanding of what you might need from a PAT testing instrument.

A new PAT Testing instrumentThe type of instrument you require will usually depend on the nature of the business you are working for or with. If you are working with a small business that only has a few portable electrical items and these only need testing once every couple of years, then you only really need a basic model. But for professional PAT testers or for organisations with a big roster of portable electrical items and in an environment where they need testing regularly, it is recommended to invest in a professional PAT Testing instrument, and a great choice is the TIS 700 SafetyPAT Elite.

An experienced PAT Tester needs an instrument to be user-friendly in every sense, and that is what the TIS 700 offers you, not just a quick and convenient testing process, but also clever and innovative ways to download, save and manipulate the data, to bring added benefits.

Using the TIS 700 is immediately a comfortable experience as it is lightweight with a good-sized data screen and a full QWERTY keyboard. It offers full configuration with complete control over the Class l and Class ll tests you carry out, but its main asset is the way the customer data is accessed, logged and downloaded.

The TIS 700 stores a minimum of 3000 test results, which can be formatted into Microsoft Excel. This allows you to store data by customer so that it is easily accessible and easily traceable, and so you can provide evidence of testing in audit situations.

A user-friendly PAT testing instrument

Other features of the TIS 700 include the ability to store next test due dates and create automatic test result certificates, this enables you to manage each customer’s testing schedule via the instrument and provides a back-up to Excel results data and any other system you use to manage your PAT testing programme. This kind of critical data manipulation is crucial in making a PAT Tester practical and convenient for you the user, but also for the client. After all, the customer is paying for a service, so the more information and the better service you can offer, the more the TIS 700 PAT Tester is the kind of instrument that reflects well on your business.

The TIS 700 is provided with padded case, with test leads, with an AC/DC adapter included and with an SD card and batteries included. This completes one of the best value PAT Testing packages for the serious PAT Testing engineer on today’s market.


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