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Environmental Monitoring With Test Instrument Solutions

Workplace monitoring is an increasingly important aspect of facilities management, not just in the sense of ever-stricter health and safety regulations, but in terms of employees expecting more comfortable working conditions from compassionate employers. An employer has a duty to provide a clean, comfortable and safe working environment, which is also controlled by different parameters that the employer can monitor, test and react to.

With this in mind, Test Instrument Solutions have designed a range of environmental monitoring instruments which provide you with the means to test the various environmental impacts that you may encounter, particularly in an industrial or construction environment. This means you can monitor working conditions and demonstrate compliance, or provide yourself with the means to react where findings are above or near to legal limits.

These legal parameters are well documented and available, and any good health and safety professional will have a system implemented at your workplace to enable you to put in control measures, where necessary. But first of all, you can look at the range of products in the TIS Environmental Monitoring collection and choose which are applicable to your workplace.

Sound Level Meters

TIS 770

The TIS 770 can measure a noise range between 30dB and 130 dB, this allows you to monitor noise emissions up to the standard action levels and react accordingly.

Solar Test Equipment

Measuring solar radiation and the sun’s transmission through transparent and film glass is an increasingly important discipline, and the TIS PV1 allows you to do this, with an accompanying kit coming complete with test leads and a clamp meter.

Light Meter

This is a unit to measure LED and natural light and can be used in many different working conditions, from offices to warehouses and of course industrial settings. The TIS 1310 unit is perhaps most often used to test emergency lighting and to ensure light levels are sufficient in all areas of a building in emergency situations.

Temperature meters

We stock a range of temperature meters for different disciplines, such as infrared thermometers for quick and simple temperature readings with a handheld gun, to thermal imaging cameras, which are used to detect ‘hot spots’ on electrical equipment such as panels, boards and circuits.

Airflow meters

TIS 1309

Our anemometer can be used to measure air velocity in a range of different units from metres per second to nautical miles per hour. This makes the TIS 1309 suitable for many different environments and disciplines. Airflow is most often monitored in environments that are enclosed or can become hot and stuffy and therefore need sufficient airflow to ensure a person remains safe and comfortable.

All these TIS environmental monitoring units are handheld, practical units with accessible digital screens and user-friendly menus and navigation. The units are extremely accurate and reliable and are designed as robust instruments that are able to be used in challenging environments. You can check out the environmental monitoring range here on our website and contact our expert staff for any further information.

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